Calls for Iran to uphold right to education intensify

GENEVA, 31 May 2012 (BWNS)  — The Baha’i International Community has joined with 16 other non-governmental organizations to call upon the government of Iran to urgently address the state of higher education in the country.

A joint statement addressed to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is the latest in a growing number of protests around the world at Iran’s abuses of the right to education.

In their statement launched today, the 17 organizations note that more than 600 students, and some university lecturers, have been arrested since 2009 for peacefully expressing their opinions. Hundreds have been deprived of education for their political beliefs, while student gatherings, publications, and organizations have been shut down.

“The right to education for all persons without discrimination is explicitly guaranteed under international instruments, which Iran has accepted or to which it is party,” they write. “It is also guaranteed under Iran’s Constitution.”

In addition to the Baha’i International Community, the statement is signed by such organizations as Amnesty International, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, Human Rights Watch and United4Iran.


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