#EducationIsNotACrime– Education is a crime in Iran. But we can change that!

General Information and Resources

The Bahá’í World – Official presence of the Bahá’í Faith on the Web
Bahá’ís of the United States – Official presence of the U.S. Bahá’í community on the Web
The Bahá’í Faith Index – Search engine and directory with over 3300 Bahá’í links
Bahá’í World News Service – News headlines from the Bahá’í International Community
Bahá’í Topics – An information resource of the Bahá’í International Community
U.S. Bahá’í Video Library – Contains video features produced exclusively for online distribution

Baha’i Writings

Bahá’í Prayers –Bahá’í Prayers, by category, available in English and other languages
Bahá’í Library Online – Searchable collection of Bahá’í texts, articles, etc.
True Seeker – Search the Bahá’í Writings using a key word search
Bahá’í Devotions – A wealth of devotional programs on numerous topics available in multiple formats

Nearby Baha’i Communities

Baha’is of Louisville, KY
Bahá’ís of Cincinnati, OH
Bahá’ís of Indianapolis, IN
Bahá’ís of Nashville, TN
Bahá’ís of Atlanta, GA

Lexington/Bluegrass Interfaith Organizations

Interfaith Alliance of the Bluegrass
Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice